Duson Police plea on social media for help in stopping town’s crime wave

Photo Credit: KLFY

DUSON, La. (KLFY) – Police officers issued a plea Easter Sunday morning for Duson residents to help them put a dent in escalating crime.

The crime, they say, centers around five people but impacts the entire community.

The plea began with:

“Duson Police are asking that the residents of Duson please report suspicious and suspected drug activity immediately…”

It then went on to say that Duson has approximately 1,800 residents, but the criminal activity revolves around, “the same 5 people.”


“What we’ve done now is DPD made a plea to the citizens of Duson to please report things that are suspicious. Things that appear to be narcotics-related or even beyond that, any violent crimes that they’re seeing. We feel we have a lot of support in this community, we’ve come a long way,” Duson Police Chief Kip Judice told KLFY.

The plea also cites several recent cases including a landlord whose rental trailer was riddled with bullets…and he was attacked with a knife.

Police say the trailer has been searched five times for drug activity.

The tenant is also said to be Duson’s biggest dealer.

“On Tuesday evening about 8:00 p.m. we received a first report of gunshots being fired in the Duson area, both on 4th and 5th Streets. Shortly after, we received a call that said some shots were being fired on G Street,” Judice explained.

Other crimes police mentioned include gunshots fired on several streets – with one bullet barely missing a young woman sleeping in bed and a man with a knife attacked another man who was walking with his grandchildren in front of town hall.

Officers are thankful no one was injured in either incident.

Police say two have been arrested in the shooting and are close to arresting a suspect in the knife attack, thanks to help from the public.

Chief Judice encourages anyone with information to come forward and reminds residents that callers will remain anonymous.

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