Jockey legend and Acadiana local Calvin Borel retires

Cajun Legend, Jockey Calvin Borel announced his retirement on Wednesday. The 49-year-old is retiring with over five thousand wins.

His victories include winning The Kentucky Derby in 2007, 2009, and 2010. He also won the Preakness Stake in 2009.

Clifton Borel, one of Calvin’s older brothers says,

“He’s alright, he’s a good little country boy.”

Calvin is from a town called Catahoula in St. Martin Parish, he is from a big family and is one of five children.

His brother, Clifton, and wife say they’ve never missed any of his races on TV, but they refuse to bet on him.

“We don’t bet on him, we feel as if we would be his bad luck.”

The Borel’s grew up on ‘Clovis Borel Rd.’ which was named after his father, the man who introduced the family to horses and racing.

The Borel’s didn’t come from much, and one of Calvin’s old classmates tells us, Calvin’s family wasn’t wealthy.

Liz Higginbotham, the owner of Red’s Levee Bar tells News 10 that, “He was a rags to riches story.”

Mayor Thomas Nelson, of St. Martinville says that Calvin is a good jockey and a legend,

Calvin is loved by the town and is described as being simple and humble. Clifton and Mary Borel tells KLFY’s Brooke Silverang that Calvin is down to earth,

“He’s a Cajun, He’s proud of where he comes from.”

Calvin’s first horse was named Charlie, during his late teens, he left to pursue his dream of becoming a jockey. He started off racing on bush tracks and moved away with his brother Cecil, a jockey at the time.

Calvin always wanted to be a jockey Clifton Borel tells News 10,

“He wanted to win one Kentucky Derby, but he lucked it out, he won three, so he accomplished what he wanted to do.”

Friends and family of Calvin are happy to see him retire.

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