Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Officers now required to wear body camera while on duty

All patrol deputies with the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office will be required to wear a body camera while on duty.

“It’s a safety issue for deputies and for the citizens of Lafayette parish.” Said Captain John Babin.

Cameras were ordered for the for the fifty patrol deputies. The Sheriff’s Office bought them for $66,000 back in June.

Captain John Babin says the cameras provide piece of mind for both deputies and community members.

“If there are discrepancies with a call we can go to the video to determine whether the deputy did something that violates policy, or if there is some issues with the public. So it protects the public and it also ensures that the deputies are protected.”

The deputies have to turn on the cameras manually.

When to turn on the camera is done at the deputy’s discretion, but must be on by the time of interaction.

Fedrica Brown says she feels cameras are an invasion of privacy.

“We already have the speed light cameras, the traffic cameras, there is just so many cameras. I just feel there are too many cameras and it’s just invading our privacy.”

Video captured on the body cams cannot be altered by officers, however, they can view their own footage.

Michael Provast tells News 10 that he thinks the cameras are a great idea.

“I love it.”

Provast says having documentation of interactions between deputies and residents will be beneficial.

“I feel comfortable with that because it will help solve crime and things in Lafayette.”

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