Boudin lovers travel far and wide to attend this year’s festival

The town of Scott is getting a lot of notice this weekend as people come from all over to celebrate this years fourth annual Boudin Festival.

The event had local food vendors, rides, music and much more.

Boudin has been heard of all around the world. Mayor of Scott, Purvis Morrison says people come from all over just to find out what it’s all about.

“They want to come and see what this big fuss is about, this boudin,” said Morrison, “I mean we sell over two million pounds of boudin out of the city of Scott every year.”

Festival goers who have traveled for the event continue to come back the following year. Lance and Lisa say they traveled miles for the atmosphere.

“We came all the way from Camden, ME,” said the couple. “It is unbelievable. The food, the people, the music is really spectacular.”

“This is my fifth year to come,” said Lisa.

Around 30,000 people have attended throughout the weekend.

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