65-year-old Opelousas woman attacked after crashing car

An Opelousas woman was on her way home before things took a turn for the worse and was attacked by another woman on Plaisance St.

“I just want the violence to stop and for everybody just to get along,” said Alana Mayo.

Mayo recalls what happened to her mother, 65-year-old Betty Mitchell, a St. Landry Parish educator, who currently remains hospitalized after being attacked Sunday night. Mayo said her mother was driving down Plaisance St. when she swerved to avoid hitting a group of children, ultimately hitting a parked vehicle.

“The girl came out and realized that my mom had hit her car and she came and start hitting my mama from the back,” said Mayo. “She was all muddy on the ground laying there bleeding.”

Opelousas Police Chief, Donald Thompson, confirmed that Mitchell was hit with a stick.

The suspect, 22-year-old Yushika Vallian, was arrested and charged with aggravated battery.

“This shouldn’t have come to the altercation that it came to and now my mom’s suffering,” said Mayo. “She could’ve killed my mom. She could’ve actually just killed her.”

District 8 Councilman, Johnathan Glover, says all the violence has just got to stop.

“Whenever you talking about someone getting injured at the age of 65, that’s a real problem,” said Glover. “That’s a senior citizen; it should have never been done, and it just saddens me.”

Councilman Glover says after the recent crime in the area, his aim is to get out in the district and knock on doors and just pull the community together.

Mitchell sustained several injuries, but she’s expected to recover.

Chief Donald Thompson said the investigation is ongoing and they are waiting for toxicology reports for Mitchell.

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