Battle to name Youngville’s new high school still continues

It’s no secret that the Lafayette Parish School Board has to come up with a name for the new high school being built in Youngsville and the naming committee now has a list of what they think are the top three names.

The Superintendent of Lafayette Parish schools says if the board chooses, there will be a final vote for the name at Wednesday’s board meeting.

School board member Britt Latiolais’ school district is outside of Youngsville but plans on using his energy to make sure the policy of naming the school is followed.

“The students have come to us with selections and the superintendent has made his recommendation. My plans are to follow the LPSS procedure on how to name a school.”

The geographic distribution of the new high school will be a little over 1,300 students from non-incorporated areas of the parish, this includes, Broussard, Lafayette, Milton, and Youngsville.

The new school is scheduled to open in August of 2017 for 9th and 10th grade, then 11th and 12th will be added the following year.

The mayor of Youngsville, Ken Ritter shared his opinion with KLFY.

“Youngsville is a name synonymous with quality, good schools and education. To me it’s a win for everybody if Youngsville is the name for the school.” Mayor Ritter said, “If it’s not, it certainly will be disappointing, but most importantly we are going to still be excited that Thursday morning after the board votes. We can wake-up knowing we have a new school being built in our community.”

Ritter tells News 10 that 2,400 Youngsville residents have spoken through an online petition.

The school board will the one to make the final decision on what the name of the new high school will be according to the district’s administrative rule for naming new facilities. The superintended Dr. Aguillard has submitted two recommendations: South Lafayette High or Southside High School.

The naming committee’s top three list ranking is, Caneview, Cypress, or Youngsville High School.

Dr. Aguillard says he hopes the board will consider input from the committee, and other interested parties.

The upcoming school board meeting is Wednesday Evening at 5:30 p.m.

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