Lafayette city marshal bonds out of jail on contempt of court charge

Photo Courtesy: Lafayette Parish Correctional Center

Lafayette City Marshal Brian Pope bonded out of jail this afternoon, after he was convicted of contempt of court.

Earlier today Brian Pope was booked into the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center on a contempt of court conviction and posted a $500 bond.

He was convicted of contempt of court after refusing to turnover personal emails to a local newspaper.

State District Judge Jules Edwards ordered Pope to surrender to the jail today, but that date has been suspended to April 8th.

Pope was ordered to one month in jail but that was shortened to 7 days house arrest.

The marshal’s lawyer, Kevin Stockstill, spoke to KLFY in an exclusive interview.
Stockstill said he and Pope are appealing the ruling:

“We are going to appeal that conviction and sentence. Under the code of criminal producer we have the option to post the bond so that we can suspend the execution of the sentence remain out pending our appeal. For you to be able to post that appeal bond if you haven’t already been booked at a prior point in time, you need to go through the booking process, so that’s what’s going on today.”


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