What’s next for Washington’s police chief?

WASHINGTON L.a – Voters in St. Landry Parish town of Washington have decided to recall their police chief.

Ronelle Broussard has served as Washington’s police chief since 2011; but Saturday the town recalled him from the position.

Dorothy Worthy said, “Some people think that we wanted him out because he was absent from the town for over a year but we were happy that he was absent, we didn’t want him here.”

Broussard was hurt on the job in February 2015 and has been on medical leave ever since.

“We need someone who’s a part of our community and he was not.” Said Worthy.

Mayor Joseph Pitre issued a statement Monday saying

                “As you know the recall process is still ongoing as the Chief has certain options and there are established procedures to be followed. I do not think it would be appropriate for me to make any extended comments until all of the legal amenities are complied with.

I have requested advice from the appropriate officials as to precisely how the Town of Washington should proceed. We will, of course, follow the rules and regulations established in the Home Rule Charter of the Town of Washington and by applicable state laws.

I will point out that this recall process was initiated by concerned citizens of the Town, not by myself or other public officials, and that it appears by the margin of the vote that citizen concerns were both widespread and well founded.

The election is a reminder to us all that the political process has been established to serve the people, not the politicians. Elected officials cannot forget that serving is a privilege and that God is in control. We forget or disregard that at our peril. “

According to the Clerk of Court Charles Jagneaux, “The chief has nine days to contest.”

At Saturdays election 243 people voted for the recall and 44 voted against it.

“After the end of the election then the town council has 20 days to appoint a new chief,” said Jagneaux.

William Worthy said, “The people and the town of Washington are very pleased and very happy to see that it came out to a good result.”

The new police chief will be elected this November.

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