Chastant Brothers presents your Lawn and Garden.

Today on your lawn and garden we’re talking about citrus. It’s a year round job and what do we do this time of the year, John?

Well we fertilize them, spray them for insects, a lot of people are planting them too. We have a good selection at the store of citrus and fruit trees. When you’re planting it is very important to use a root stimulator, not a fertilizer, this is more of a root fertilizer. It is a liquid product that we have which you mix with a sprinkler can and drench the soil where you’re planting it. It keeps it from wilting so you get a good start. The only other chance they have of not surviving is cold winters. We also have this insecticide which is a drench as well. You can use it at the same time, just pour it in the hole and you’re good for the year. You’ll keep away insects, black sooty mold, leaf miners, a little insect that gets in the leaf and it curls them. A lot of people have this. It’s not that bad for the plant it just makes it look bad. This insecticide works as a systemic, it goes into the whole bush and takes care of all the insects. Aphids, whatever you have on it. Except stink bugs, it won’t get that.

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