LPSS introduces ideas to deal with crowded schools

LAFAYETTE, LA (KLFY) – Lafayette High School has crowded classrooms and the school board will be presented with ideas to do something about it. The proposal being presented at Wednesday’s board meeting involves changes at Lafayette High School and Comeaux High School.

Lafayette High sits within the district of LPSS School Board Member Justin Centanni. Centanni explains that Lafayette High School is the largest high school in the state – and it has reached its capacity. According to LPSS, Lafayette High has 2,399 students. “We’re building a new high school, Southside high in Youngsville; this give us an opportunity to ease the strain on high schools by creating additional capacity,” adds Centanni.

The other alternative is to relocate the Performing Arts Academy from Lafayette High to Comeaux High. The agenda reads that depending on which academy is moved – changes at other schools and programs could be prevented – such as the movement of Carencro Middle’s Biomedical Academy to Broussard middle. “There will be data and enrollment numbers and zoning information attached to the agenda before it comes up for a vote. We’re going to take all that information into account when we make the best decision possible,” states Centanni.

Board Vice President Dawn Morris says Comeaux High will be losing about 900 students to the new Southside High. “We can’t’ have Comeaux lose several hundred students and leave Lafayette High over capacity,” adds Morris.

On Wednesday, “It really won’t be for discussion by the board or public. It’s just a means for staff to introduce the ideas to us,” notes Morris.


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