Scott train derailment remains under investigation by BNSF

SCOTT, La (KLFY) – Residents have been allowed back in their homes after being forced out for at least two hours after a 10-car train derailment on Wednesday afternoon.

About 120 homes were forced to evacuate after several train cars being hauled by Burlington Northern Santa Fe derailed near Pecan Grove Road in Scott.

Evacuations were ordered because concerns were raised due to five of the train cars carrying hazardous materials, but luckily no leak was found.

“The one we were most concerned about was the phosphoric acid, and the reason we were concerned about it was because it actually came off the trucks and was laying at a 45-degree angle in a rock bed,” said Scott Fire Chief, Chad Sonnier.

Chief Sonnier said once officials realized there wasn’t a leak, the all clear was given for residents to return back home around 8:15 p.m. on Wednesday.

“The scene has been rendered safe, and the Federal Railroad Administration is actually in conducting their investigation on what caused the train to derail and to make sure that the new tracks that they repair is suitable for transportation,” said Chief Sonnier.

This isn’t the first time a train has derailed off the very same train track. However, Chief Sonnier, said this derailment is minor in comparison to the derailment back in 2008.

“2008 was alot more drastic. We had alot more chemicals involved. We had several chemicals involved with alot more quantity, and several cars were actually derailed and leaking,” said Chief Sonnier. “At this point, the one we had yesterday there was no leak, very minimal damage to the railcars.”

Chief Sonnier said their main concern was just making sure everyone remained safe during this unfortunate accident.

“Everything is safe. The railroad actually has railcars passing on it now,” said Chief Sonnier.

The railroad crossing remains closed to traffic in both directions, but officials expect the crossing to reopen later Thursday evening.

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