SLEMCO’s 79th Annual Membership meeting

LAFAYETTE, La. – Saturday was SLEMCO’s 79th Annual Membership Meeting where they get to update the community on future projects.

SLEMCO held their meeting at the Cajundome to let members know what the company has been doing in the last year, what projects they’ve worked on and how they plan to progress.

Communications Manager Mary Laurent said, “Most of what we’re doing right now is major infrastructure, projects, new substations and beefing up the system so that our service reliability can be second to none.”

With the help of the community, the meetings have continued to grow over the years.

“The community has really supported us,” said Laurent, “we are so thankful that so many people showed up today, it’s been wonderful.”

Sheila hidalgo has been a member for 11 years and says, “I love coming to the meetings. It’s great for the community, great for the state.”

During the meeting 20 names were picked to win a $2,000 scholarship.

Haley Malveaux, a senior at UL, was one of those lucky students and says, “I’m excited that I won the scholarship, it’s going to help me.”

This was the first meeting her and her mother Annette have attended.

Annette Malveaux says, “I appreciate all the help that they do give with opportunities for the scholarships.”

Lucky members left with prizes, scholarship’s and much more.

The next meeting is scheduled for June of next year.

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