Mass in Bishop Deshotel’s hometown after his recent installation

Friday was the installation ceremony for bishop J Douglas Deshotel, who is a Basile native.

Members of the St. Augustine Catholic Church in Basile say they’re excited for Bishop Deshotel’s new position.

Pastor David Hebert said, “It was a beautiful installation. I have never been to one where a bishop was installed. It was beautiful. “

Helena Putnam attended school with the bishop until the 8th grade.

“He has been an inspiration to our community and to our church,” said Putnam, “ he’s cherished by all.”

Darlene Daigle said, “Growing up with Doug, Bishop Deshotel, we are just so excited about having him as our spiritual leader.

We’re looking forward to seeing what kind of great things he can accomplish in this community.”

Jimmie Pelloquin and Barbara Pelloquin have known bishop Deshotel since he was a little kid.

“We loved him to death, we’re so proud,” said the couple.

Bishop Deshotel’s called Basile his home until the 8th grade.

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