Strangers replace woman’s stolen car

Casey Purcell had a rather eventful week after her car was stolen while she was in the hospital. Purcell was busy giving birth to her second child while someone else was busy stealing her car from the parking lot of St. Charles Bend.

A local mechanic and his daughter saw the story on the news and leap into action. “Well my dad was actually pissed off,” said Julieanne Wilson. “It pissed him off.”

Wilson and her father opened the Auto Clinic of Bend three years ago, and knew they could help. They worked with other auto shops in the area and were able to donate a car to Purcell.

“It’s just unfortunate that someone could get … to have that happen to them,” said Adam Huddart of VR Garage. “And so we immediately were happy to help in any way we could.”

Purcell is grateful for these complete strangers who made her life easier. Having a car means being able to transport her 7-year-old daughter to school and newborn Jaxxson to his doctor’s appointments.

“This is everything, you know it’s just amazing,” she said. “People are absolutely amazing and this is one of the nicest things I’ve ever seen.”

Police found Purcell’s stolen car, but it had been left unusable. No one has been arrested for the theft.

The worry and stress of having her car stolen was replaced with happiness at the random kindness of strangers.

“This is awesome. I can’t believe at least somebody has a good heart to you know, do good after something like that,” Purcell said. “I can’t believe somebody would do what they did.”

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