Festival International de Louisiane band lineup and schedule

Photo: KFLY

Schedule of  Festival International International de Louisiane bands and where they’re from

Wednesday April 20, 2016

Scene Lafayette General Fais Do Do

Chubby Carrier & the Bayou Swamp Band (Louisiana) 6:30-7:45

Chris Ardoin & NU Step Zydeco with Special Guest Connie G (Louisiana) 8:15-9:30


Thursday April 21, 2016

Scene Cypress Bayou Internationale

Zachary Richard Presents: Les Etoiles de I’Immersion (Louisiana) 5:30-6:15

Opening Ceremonies 6:15-6:30

Burundi Drummers (Burundi) 6:45-7:45

The Waifs (Australia) 8:15-9:15

An Evening with CharlElie Couture & Special Louisiana Guests (France) 9:45-11:00


Scene Lafayette General Fais Do Do

Atchafalaya (Louisiana) 6:00-7:15

The Garifuna Collective (Belize) 7:45-9:00

Boogat (Quebec/Mexico) 9:30-10:45


LUS Craft Biegarten

Vishten (Prince Edward Island) 6:45-7:45

A Sarts Night Band (Louisiana) 8:45-9:45


Friday, April 22, 2016:

Scene Cypress Bayou Internationale

Dede Saint Prix (Martinique) 6:15-7:30

Boogat (Quebec/Mexico) 8:00-9:15

Rocky Daquni (Ghana) 9:45-11:00


Scene Lafayette General Fais Do Do

Delgres (Guadeloupe/France) 5:45-7:00

Pierre Kwenders (D.R. of Congo) 7:30-8:45

Tarace Boulba (France) 9:15-10:30


Scene TV5 Monde Lafayette

Corey Ledet & His Zydeco Band (Louisiana) 5:45-7:00

Chic Gamine (Manitoba) 7:30-8:45

A-WA (Israel) 9:15-10:30


Scene Chevron Heritage

Leyla McCalla (Louisiana/Haiti) 6:00-7:15

Lost Bayou Ramblers present Poguetry in Motion Ft. Spider Stacey (Louisiana/Ireland) 7:45-9:00

Les Hotesses d’Hilaire with special guest Thome Young (New Brunswick) 9:30-10:45


Lus La Craft Biegarten

Les Poules a Colin (Quebec) 6:45-7:45

Les Maringouins (Louisiana) 9:00-10:00


Scene Cypress Bayou Internationale

BélO (Haiti) 11:45 – 1:00

Daby Touré (Mauritania/Mali) 1:30 – 2:45

Riyaaz Qawwali (Afghanistan/Pakistan/India/Bangladesh) 3:15 – 4:30

Sonny Landreth (Louisiana) 5:00-6:15

Chic Gamine (Manitoba) 6:45-8:00

Tarace Boulba (France) 8:30-9:45

A-WA (Israel) 10:15-11:30


Scene Lafayette General Fais Do Do

Nathan & the Zydeco Cha-Chas (Louisiana) 12:30-1:45

Les Hotesses d’Hilaire W/ special guest Thome Young (New Brunswick) 2:15-3:30

Burundi Drummers (Burundi) 4:00-5:15

Dede Saint Prix (Martinique) 5:45-7:00

LSU Fiber presents:Orchestre Royal ft. TK Hulin Lil’ Buck Sinegal, Carol Fran. & Michael Doucet (Louisiana) 7:30-9:00

Rocky Daquni (Ghana) 9:30-10:45


Scene TV5 Monde Lafayette

Choro Das 3 (Brazil) 11:30-12:30

Lo’Jo (France) 1:00-2:15

Flying Balalaika Brothers (Russia/Ukraine) 2:45-4:00

Les Poules a Colin (Quebec) 4:30-5:45

Cimarron (Colombia) 6:15-7:30

Pierre Kwenders (D.R. of Congo/ Quebec) 8:00-9:15

The Waifs (Australia) 9:45-1:00


Scene Chevron Heritage

Sabra and the Get Rights (Louisiana) 9:00-9:45

Festival Acadiens et Creoles presents Bonsoir Catin (Louisiana) 12:15-1:45

Keyka McCalla (Louisiana/Haiti) 2:15-3:30

Cedric Watson and Bijou Creole (Louisiana) 4:00-5:15

Delgres ((Guadeloupe/France) 5:45-7:00

Sunpie Barnes and the Louisiana Sun Spots (Louisiana) 7:30-8:45

L’Union Creole ft. Pascal danae, Sunpie Barnes, Cedric Watson & Leyla McCalla (Guadeloup/Haiti/Louisiana/France) 9:15-10:30


Popeyes Pavillion De Cuisine

Thome Young (New Brunswick) 1:00-1:30

Harmonouck (France) 2:45-3:15

Ashana Sophia (Louisiana) 4:30-5:00

Brass Mimosa (Louisiana) 3:15-7:45

Ashana Sophia (Louisiana) 8:00-8:30


LUS La Craft Biergarten

Tipitina’s Interns (Louisiana) 2:45-3:45

Tortue (Louisiana) 4:45-5:45

The Viatones (Louisiana) 6:45-7:45

Sabra Guzman & David Greely (Louisiana) 8:45-9:45

Tom Shorts (Rhode Island) 10:15-11:15


Chevron Scene Des Jeunes

Tarace Boulba (France) 11:30-12:15

Les Bambins de Myrtle Place Elementary (Louisiana/Martinique) 1:00-1:45

Sandy Greenberg (Nova Scotia) 2:30-3:15


Chevron Petite Scene

Lafayette High Strings (Louisiana) 12:15-1:00

Coeur Des Cordes (Louisiana) 1:45-2:30

Marty Christian et Mardi de Musique (Louisiana) 3:15-3:45


Sunday, April 24, 2016

Scene Cypress Bayou Internationale

Baby Toure (Mauritania/Mali) 12:15-1:30

Les Hotesses d’Hilaire with special guest Thome Young (New Brunswick) 2:00-3:15

Cimarron (Colombia) 3:45-5:00

Alpha Blondy and The Solar System (Ivory Coast) 5:30-6:45


Scene Lafayette General Fais Do Do

Lo’Jo (France) 12:00-1:00

Riyaaz Qawwali (Afghanistan/Pakistan/India/Bangladesh) 1:30-2:45

BelO (Haiti) 3:15-4:30

Sweet Crude (Louisiana) 5:00-6:15


Scene TV5 Monde Lafayette

Soul Express Brass Band (Louisiana) 12:00-1:15

Choro Das 3 (Brazil) 1:45-3:00

Tonomono (Puerto Rico/Cuba/ Louisiana) 3:30-4:45

Les Poules a Colin (Quebec) 5:15-6:30


Cene Chevron Heritage

A Tribute to Jillian Johnson ft. members of The Figs & Ginger Lee (Louisiana) 12:15-1:15

Festivals Acadiens et Creoles presents Savoy Family Band (Louisiana) 1:45-2:45

Vishten (Prince Edward Island) 3:15-4:30

Festivals Acadiens et Creoles presents Cedryl Ballou & the Zydeco Trendsetters (Louisiana) 5:00-6:15


Popeyes Pavillion De Cuisine

Vishten (Prince Edwards Island) 11:45-12:15

Harmonouhe (France/Louisiana) 1:30-2:00

Flying Balalaika Brother (Russia/Ukraine) 3:15-3:45

Thome Young (New Brunswick) 5:00-5:30


LUS La Craft Biergarten

Smoov Ras & the Refection (Louisiana) 12:45-1:45

Delgres (Guadeloupe/France) 2:45-3:45

Charme (Louisiana) 4:45-5:45

Chevron Scene Des Jeunes

Cimarron (Colombia) 12:30-1:15

Vishten (Prince Edwards Island) 1:45-2:15

Sandy Greenberg (Nova Scotia) 3:00-3:45


Chevron Petite Scene

L.J. Alleman Guitar Ensemble (Louisiana) 1:15-1:45

Band Lab (Louisiana) 2:15-2:45

Adeline & Robert Miller (Louisiana) 3:15-3:45

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