Local farmers have come to the rescue for some North Louisiana cattlemen

BREAUX BRIDGE, La. – In March, National Guard troops were called in to rescue residents in Louisiana after a major storm system hit the area, flooding parts of the state.

Through the Louisiana Farm Bureau’s Hay Cleaning House, Marque Angelle donated 150 bales of hay for cattlemen affected by the flooding.

“I noticed that they were getting quite a bit of rain fall in the northern portion of the state,” said Angelle, “there’s a possibility that these cattlemen up there could be in need of some hay.”

Angelle took a total of three trips back and forth delivering hay. His friend Carl Cormier assisted him throughout the journey.

“The water was just unbelievable,” said Cormier, “I’m sure they appreciate the help, just trying to get the hay out there and give them some assistance in some kind of way.”

“My father once told me if you can help somebody out, help them. Because you never know when you might be in need of help, said Angelle, “we had the chance to do it and we did it, and hopefully if we ever get into that situation that they’ll do the same for us.”

The need for hay in flooded areas is still at critical level.

If you would like to get involved click here.

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