Moss Street business owner concerned about proposed lane change

LAFAYETTE, LA (KLFY) – The Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) is evaluating a section of Moss Street to reduce it from four to two lanes. The proposed plan has prompted a Lafayette business owner to take his concerns to Tuesday’s council meeting. DOTD says the traffic volume there doesn’t require that many lanes. Karl Breaux the owner of Breaux’s Mart says he has about 4,000 signed petitions saying otherwise.

Romon Breaux says he lives along Moss Street. Breaux says traffic piles-up along the proposed strip that stretches from Jefferson Boulevard to Alexander Street. “A five in the morning traffic is backed up pass the pawn shop at the Willow Moss Street intersection. If they do one lane, it will be backed up pass the projects.”

Romon says the project proposal will be the second or third time he’s seen the Moss adjusted. “I grew up when it was just two lanes to start with. Then they turned it into a four lanes. Now they want to turn it back into a two lane. I don’t agree,” notes Romon Breaux.

Karl Breaux says he has close to 4,000 signatures on a petition against the change. Plus, DOTD is evaluating adding bike lanes to Moss. “I like bikes. My wife and daughter ride on Moss Street; and the people that work here and my customers. I’m m all for safety but this is ludicrous.” Deidra Druilhet of DOTD says the average daily volume of traffic is not enough for four lanes.

Druilhet explains that’s when you get drivers speeding and passing because there’s plenty of road to do it on. With the center turn lane now you have a protected dedicated lane where they can safely make a left turn without worrying about someone hitting them from behind.”” Plus, Druilhet says the plan is in the evaluation stage – anything can change at this point including installing bike lanes. “We want to make sure that we looked at every area. We want to make sure that we’re hearing every concern,” adds Druilhet

“We just ask for a voice. It’s not too much. You can’t come here like that; we are not children. We have our own destiny in mind when we get involved in projects,” says Karl Breaux.


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