ULL students win free Lil Wayne concert


Photo: Nick Pierre/KLFY
Photo: Nick Pierre/KLFY

LAFAYETTE, La (KLFY) – Hundreds of UL-Lafayette students are expected to attend a Lil Wayne concert on Monday night, but it’s the service project that the students did that earned them honorable mention.


“All we was asking for was water bottles and monetary donations, anything big or small,” said Trevon Oliver.

Oliver, President of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity at UL-Lafayette, said the group won a free concert from Tidal music’s ‘social wave for change’ competition that took place among several universities.

“We did a water drive for Flint, Michigan with the water crisis that was going there with the contaminated water. As soon as news broke we just hopped on it,” said Oliver.

UL-Lafayette came out on top after collecting nearly 7,000 donated bottles of water.

“We just did it because we wanted to do it,” said Oliver. “We didn’t do it for a reward or anything.”

Although Oliver said the group didn’t know in the beginning that the end result would be a free concert, everyone seems to be hyped about it.

“It’s kind of a big deal and everybody’s really hype,” said Oliver. “It’s Lil Wayne and then it’s free, so it’s about to be fun.”

“Very excited for the concert tonight, this is our first opportunity to have a concert at UL-Lafayette. Front row seats for me,” said UL-Lafayette student, Anfernee Harris.

“A free concert is the best thing we could probably get around here,” said UL-Lafayette student, James Miller.

“We’ve never had anything of this caliber and for something like this to come to UL-Lafayette that is so surprising, so exciting,” said UL-Lafayette student, Tekeya Krystal. “Things like this just don’t happen at UL-Lafayette, so everybody is hyped up.”

Lil Wayne is expected to perform in front of a sold out crowd Monday at 8:00 p.m. at the Cajundome.

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