Bad weather doesn’t stop Festival goers from having some fun

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Despite the weather, residents say they aren’t going to let a little rain keep them from celebrating one of the largest festivals in Louisiana. Festival International de Louisiane started the weekend off with a little rain. The first performance was pushed back to seven p.m. because of the shower, but the nasty weather didn’t stop residents from having a little fun. This is Claire Salian’s second festival experience. She said the sunshine would have been nice, but she wanted to come celebrate anyway.

“I chose to come out tonight because I know Festival is not about the conditions, it’s about who you are hanging out with and I’m getting to hang out with my friends, so that’s why I’m here.”

Blair Claypolle has lived in Lafayette all of her life. She said rain is no stranger to Louisiana.

“So this is pretty typical Lafayette weather. It kind of rains and you just expect that and you have fun anyway.”

Linda Menard traveled all the way from Cincinnati, Ohio for the big event.

“This is what we came 14 hours to see, rain, shine, whatever.”

Ellie Spain has been going to Festival since she was a little girl. She said a little rain can’t put a damper on the true meaning of Festival.

“Festival is not about the conditions, it’s about the love and joy that festival brings.”

“You can’t miss opening night of Festival. It’s the vibe that kicks off the four-day weekend. It doesn’t matter if it”s raining or not, like who cares,” said Claypolle.

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