Bike lanes added to Bertrand Drive for safety

A section of Bertrand drive was re-striped Tuesday night, reducing it to two lanes, an interior turn lane and bike lanes on the outside.

Crews removed the original striping, adding new striping and new pavement markers.

Bike lane markers are being installed on both sides of the street between North College Rd and Johnston St.

“I think it’s a great idea,” said Karen Metcalf the owner of Deano’s Pizza off of Bertrand Drive.

The bike lanes are part of the Mickey Shunick Memorial Bike Loop.

Shunick was a Lafayette resident and University of Louisiana Lafayette student who, while riding her bike in May 2012, was abducted and killed.

“I really think it’s a great idea,” said Metcalf “It’ll make it safer for people to ride their bike.”

“This has been in the development stage for about three years,” said Council Member Bruce Conque, “it accommodates all forms of transportation.”

The re-striping is part of an ongoing eight-parish contract by DOTD that also includes re-striping a section of Moss St.

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