UL Celebrates Earth Day on Friday

Earth Day has been practiced since 1970s. Is a day to appreciate the earth and environment and UL theme of the day is sustainability “”

UL has had an eventful week leading up to Earth Day revolving around the environment.
The University has had everything ranging from planting new things like a bioswale to old fashion recycling.
the week comes to the end with the annual Fete de la Terre expo.

Lauren Nassour, a student at UL feels like “this is a great way to inform people about recycling because its very important.”

The muddy ground did not stop anyone from enjoying the student teacher band.
Students were able to indulge in free jambalaya served in biodegradable bowls.
They also were able to express themselves and personalize reusable shopping bags.


David Yarbrough, Dean of Community Service at UL says “so really its just about thinking about the environment, thinking about your surroundings, thinking about a zero waste environment””

Booths and visuals were set up by organizations like Project Front Yard and Bayou Vermilion Disctrict to name a few.
There was educational demonstrations on how to recycle correctly along with information about sustainable careers and events in the community.

Gretchen Vanicor, Director of Sustainability says “all the different aspects of sustainability from water quality to pollution even sustainable energy all of those organizations are here to teach students how to live sustainability.”

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