Catahoula Water District flushing water lines following water main break

CATAHOULA, La. (KLFY) — Water was restored around 10 pm Monday In the small community of Catahoula. On Tuesday, St. Martin Parish Water District 4 employees are flushing the water line to ensure quality.

Pat Champagne assists the water district as a seasoned professional, basically as a mentor according to board president Ricky Melancon. Each hydrant is opened full throttle and drained to make sure there’s no sediment or stagnant water.

“If there is any dirty water or anything in there, we are bringing it with us. We’re cleaning the line. That’s our purpose of doing this.”

Monday’s water main break forced officials to shut off water supply to their customers, including Catahoula residents. Water district 4 President, Ricky Melancon says, the town’s system does need upgrades and they’re working aggressively to secure money for it. Champagne says over time, flowing water fills the cast iron hydrants, and collects sediment.

“That’s the thing that falls into the line so what we are trying to do is get that dirty water out” said Champagne.

Board President Ricky Melancon says the board will appoint a spokesman at tonight’s meeting. Melancon says the spokesman will be responsible for keeping the media up to date on all Catahoula water news. As of news time, the boil advisory remains in affect.


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