Heated LCG meeting over the parish’s mosquito contract

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – There was a heated debate at LCG’S city-parish meeting Tuesday night. Emotions were high over the parish’s mosquito contract. Several council members questioned whether or not the parish’s mosquito contractor, Mosquito Control Contractors, is spraying. One member read a document stating MCCI only sprayed two times from December to April. The contractor and the parish’s mosquito expert stated that regulations including temperature, the wind, and rain play a major factor in how often and when they are allowed to spray.

This comes in the midst of the growing Zika virus. Currently, there are four confirmed cases in Louisiana, but MCCI owner Glen Stokes said a series of unlikely events has to take place for the virus to be passed.

“Someone would have to come down with the active infection, which only occurs three to four days, and only one type of mosquito will have to bite them and then that mosquito would have to incubate it for ten days and then bite another person.”

Stokes also adds that a particular mosquito, one that has not been located in Acadiana, carries the virus. He said the best way to ensure safety is prevention.
“If everybody would prevent mosquito breeding, we wouldn’t even have a chance to come down with Zika.”

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