LCG Councilman Boudreaux questions status of Lafayette Fire and Police Civil Service board

Photo: KLFY News

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – The Lafayette Fire and Civil Service Board becomes the center of discussion for Lafayette Consolidated Councilman Kenneth Boudreaux on Tuesday, April 26. Councilman Boudreaux says he has concerns of his own about the status of at least two civil service board members. Boudreaux says he’s learned some members may be serving in a public capacity while on the board – which he says is not allowed.

“I discovered some things that concern me; some formal opinions from the Department of Justice and some concerns from the Office of the State Examiners that say Lafayette may become part of something that could be inappropriate as it relates to those qualifications. I want to get those out on the table.  I want legal to chime-in to make sure we are protected and there’s no liability. I want for this council, the public and the civil service board to consider all the impact and ramifications that come from any decision that they make,” explains Boudreaux.

Two weeks ago, the civil service board rejected the request to allow experience in lieu of a Bachelor’s degree when applying for the Chief of Police position. However, the board did vote to consider degrees from various fields of study in applying for the chief job.

The qualifications change request regarding work experience in lieu of a degree came from Consolidated Mayor-President Joel Robideaux.  Robideaux says he has many high ranking officers with some college and lots of work experience.  Robideaux adds they don’t even qualify to take the exam for an interview to explain why they would be a good candidate. “I want to have 40 applicants. When I look at it I have a tough time figuring out how to whittle it down to the ones I want to interview.  That is definitely not the situation we are in right now,” says Robideaux.

Apparently Councilman Boudreaux agreed. On April 13, Boudreaux gave a presentation to the board. “Does any of these changes prevent any current qualified person from remaining qualified?  If it knocks someone out, then I think we have a discussion to have.” The civil service board voted to allow public comments for 30 days.

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