Chastant Brothers presents your Lawn and Garden.

Today on your lawn and garden we’re talking about pruning. What is pruning and what time of the year do we do it?

Pruning is shaping to the shape that you want. It’s not always necessary and you don’t always have to do it. If you want something that looks more trimmed or lower instead of looking like a tree. This particular one right here, I prefer it looking like this. The shi-shi’s I have behind us are something that I want to keep trimmed. It’s a flowering tree, you have your azalias, gardenias, camellias. You want to trim them after they flower. Or at least a couple months after. If you wait too long you’ll be taking away next year’s blooms. It’s a reminder for me. When the finish blooming I go and trim them. You have different types of pruners, big ones or little hand pruners or hedge trimmers. For the insects during the year we have a great product, it’s a drench again. This is a tree and shrub drench and is a little stronger than the one for fruit trees. Put this down one time at the trunk of the tree with a sprinkler can one time and you are good for the year. A waxy leaf is gonna have problems with black sooty mold, scale insects, aphids and all that. What this does is bring it up into the tree and keep all the insects off of it. Also, magnesium sulphate. Azaleas, camellias, gardenias like to have an acid soil so if you use a product that has some sulphur in it you’ll keep them green. If you notice they are light green or not looking good you can put this magnesium sulphate, which is Epsom salt, around the plant and it’ll keep them green.

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