DOTD wraps up I-49 public meetings

LAFAYETTE, La (KLFY) – DOTD officials held three public meetings this week in an effort to allow the public to comment on the I-49 Connector project.

“What does the community want this project to look like, feel like? How’s it going to work?,” said DOTD District Administrator, Bill Oliver.

Those are just some of the questions that officials received insight on over the last few days as they met with the public to hear their comments regarding the I-49 project.

“There are some significant issues to be addressed here that people need to really seriously consider and they need to talk about,” said Lafayette resident, Amos Washington.

Washington said he attended the meetings to gain insight on the project because there are some things that concern him.

“The overall impact; the cultural, the social, and political impact overtime on the community and the level of disruption that it’s going to cause,” said Washington.

Oliver said the I-49 project was orginally started back in 2005, since then the project has grown from 1 to 13 different concepts that highway officials are currently looking at.

Oliver said the purpose of this week’s meetings were to take a closer look at the alternatives to see what’s going to best serve the community.

“We are utilizing all of the feedback to try and continue to refine concepts and add alternatives, and what the community wants,” said Oliver.

Oliver said the next steps are to start evaluating the concepts, and highway officials hope to narrow down the number of concepts by this summer.

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