Drivers stranded on I-49 due to flooding

GRAND COTEAU, La. (KLFY) – Sunday morning drivers were stranded on I-49 near Grand Coteau due to flooding.

The storm system that came through Acadiana this weekend produced massive amounts of rain causing I-49 to shut down.

“About 8:30 this morning we got the call from state police,” said Sargent Ryan Faul of Wild Life Agency, “asking for some assistance with some stalled vehicles that they had on the roadway.”

Crews were on standby all morning with equipment specialized for these types of situations.

“We have vehicles as well as vessels and other specialized equipment that allows us to go into areas that are hard to access otherwise,” said Sargent Faul.

“I’ve been here for about twelve years now and it’s probably happened five or six times, maybe seven times,” said Mike Ortego who owns a truck stop off of I-49, “That’s unusual, that’s very unusual.”

I-49 closed Sunday at 7:28 a.m. and reopened at 10:35 a.m.

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