The town of Vatican hit hard by floodwaters

VATICAN, La (KLFY) – The town of Vatican was hit hard by storms this past weekend, and as the water recedes residents are just happy that the roads are becoming passable again.

“When it rains it’s impassable,” said Nanci Stevens.

Stevens is referring to Superior Rd., one of the hardest hit areas in Vatican.

“Sometime’s you just got to use your judgment. I never let off the gas when I’m going through the floods,” said Darnell Spicer.

Nanci and Darnell said they know just how bad the road can get since the family has been living on Superior Rd. for the past 8 years.

“When it storms we stay here, we can’t get out, like right now. We’re just stuck here,” said Stevens.

Storms ripped through the area downing powerlines and leaving roads looking like lakes.

“It was hailing pretty hard, the size of a baseball,” said the couple’s son, Julian.

“I’m sure it was a tornado that touched down somewhere because the trailer was rocking, but other then that I was just more focused on getting my kids out of there,” said Spicer.

Stevens said the family had to evacuate their home for at least two days. She said their trailer has been through Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, so they’re just thankful that their home is still standing.

“It survived everything and hopefully this summer won’t be as bad, so we can still have a place to live,” said Stevens.

Nanci and Darnell can attest that being prepared is key because you just never know when a storm will roll through.

“We stay full of groceries and water,” said Stevens.

“You definitely got to be ready and more prepared for stuff like this and I learned a hard lesson on that one,” said Spicer.

Now that the rain has let up, many of the residents say they can now start the clean-up process.

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