How do you boil crawfish?

Photo Credit: KLFY

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Here in Acadiana folks absolutely love their crawfish!

Now, I’m new to the area, but during my time here in Acadiana I have fallen in love with the food.

So I set out on a mission to find the best recipe for crawfish and I’m asking Acadiana, “how do you do your boil?”

“There’s as many different opinions on boiling crawfish as their are people out there.” says Mike Hafner, owner of Mud Bug Mike’s.

With every boil you’ll find pots, people and plenty of paper towels.

But what you won’t find at every boil is the same recipe.

Photo Credit: KLFY
Photo Credit: KLFY

“I take all my vegetables except for my corn and shrimp, and thrown them in a pot.” says Chris Gray.

“It almost becomes a crawfish gumbo with the way some people do it. They got eggs in it and they got sausage and everything else.” adds Hafner.

“It’s onions, garlic, sausage, plenty, plenty, plenty of pepper.Plenty lemons, forgot about the lemons.” says Albert Moliere.

First, you start with the fish, then bring your water to a boil.

This is when recipes start to take a turn.

Moliere says the “proper” way to make good crawfish is all about when you season.

“I’m kind of old school. I like using the old kind of boil where we actually put the pepper in the water and boil it. That way it gets inside the meat and not all over your hands and your mouth.”

“Basically you are boiling with little or no seasoning in the water and you season it after.” says Hafner.

Though, Chris Gray says seasoning before creates max flavor.

Photo Credit: KLFY
Photo Credit: KLFY

“No I like to get all of it in the pot and then when I boil it, everything soaks in real good and that’s when you get those juicy crawfish and they peel a whole lot better.”

But regardless of when you season, you have to pick a seasoning.

“I usually use Louisiana Fish Fry Crab and Crawfish boil, been usung it since they came out with it in 1985.” says Hafner.

“I usually use a big bag of Fire in the Hole seasoning which is new right now.” adds Gray.

Moliere simply says “Zataran’s crab boil.”

The next step is the most important.

“It’s a matter of your cooking time. Make sure that you’re not over cooking them. I normally go five minutes after it comes to a boil, because crawfish like other seafood is very easy to over cook.” says Hafner.

“boil ten minutes, let it sit for twenty.” says Moliere.

“Bring those to a boil for about five minutes and let them sit for about twenty.” says Gray.

And once you’ve completed all of that, Moliere suggests a touch of vinegar, not while it’s boiling but after, it makes them peel a lot easier.

Photo Credit: KLFY
Photo Credit: KLFY

As you can see there are many different opinions about how to make the best crawfish, but I think everyone can agree that friends and family are the most important ingredient.


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