LPSS jobs on the line as budget talks begin

Photo Credit: The Daily Advertiser

LAFAYETTE, La. (The Daily Advertiser) – The Lafayette Parish School Board has its final meeting of the week at 5 p.m. Thursday, when it has its first budget hearing of the year.

Dozens of positions could be eliminated for the 2016-17 fiscal year. The board is not scheduled to vote on any cuts Thursday. The budget hearings will continue throughout May.

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Facing a multimillion dollar deficit, district officials have proposed two possible scenarios as a starting point for board discussions.

The first scenario calls for eliminating positions including: 7.5 assistant principal slots, one secondary school counselor, 40 teaching positions, 14 special education teaching positions, two special education paraeducators, two science lab teachers, two curriculum coordinators, four social workers, five librarians, 10 nurses, 17 physical education paraeducators, 17 regular education paraeducators and 40 custodians, among other positions.

The district also could freeze employee salaries, saving $2 million.

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Under the second scenario, the district would keep more positions, but would have to make cuts in other areas.

The second scenario proposes eliminating 4.5 assistant principals, 40 teachers, four special education teachers and two science lab teachers, among other jobs. But some positions, including the custodians, librarians, nurses and paraeducators, would remain in place.

If the board were to make any personnel cuts, it is unclear exactly how many people actually would be laid off. Some of the cuts may be covered by attrition, including resignations and retirements. Employees who have their positions cut could also apply for other positions within the system if available.

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