Scott residents recognize national day of prayer

SCOTT, La. (KLFY) – Wake up America is the 65th national day of prayer theme, and residents in Scott say this is a message America needs now more than ever.

Thursday several communities in Acadiana observed the 65th national day of prayer. President Truman established the day of prayer in 1952, and each year communities come together to pray for local, federal and state leaders.

This year is the city of Scott’s 25th year to participate in the nationwide observation. Former mayor Hazel Myers said this ceremony continues to be a success year after year because of the close knit community here in Acadiana.

“Acadiana, Cajuns are close. I mean we are fortunate we live in such a wonderful place.”

This year’s theme is ‘Wake up America’,a theme Doris Prudomme says is very fitting for our country.

“We need to wake up America. People better start opening their eyes and see what’s really going on around them, and make it better.”

Prudhomme said services like this are important for the community. She said praying together can motivate others, especially during tough times.

“I really believe events like today give people encouragement that they will find a job, and they can find a job, and if they pray for a job that really helps.”

Days of prayer and fasting in the united states date back to 1775.

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