Etouffee Festival 2016

ARNAUDVILLE, La. (KLFY) – The Etouffee Festival is a local celebration of the culture and food of south Louisiana.

The festival began as a fundraiser for the Little Flower School in 1985.

The school has since closed but St. John Francis Regis Catholic Church continues the tradition every year.

“We look forward to it because we love music and dance and we love the food,” said Father Keenan Brown of the St. Regis Catholic Church, “etouffee is the signature dish.”

The festival was initially established by the Knights of Columbus and features events, carnival rides, live musical entertainment and of course etouffee.

Festival goers described it as a fun festival that gets the community together.

With multiple types of etouffee being served at the festival, this year the crawfish etouffee was one of the festival goers’ favorites.

“This year I have to give it up to the crawfish,” said Father Brown, “The crawfish etouffee was amazing.”

But normally he said he prefers the shrimp etouffee.

“The shrimp was good, really good, but that crawfish was kickin’ it.” Said Father Brown

Festival goers said the town of Arnaudville is the perfect place to hold the etouffee festival.

“It’s a beautiful time for everybody to come together,” said Father Brown.

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