The history behind the village of Parks

PARKS, La (KLFY) – Tucked in between Breaux Bridge and St. Martinville, the village of Parks was founded back in the 1900’s, and the history behind the village runs deep through the cotton gin industry.

“Our city hall was a cotton gin, an old cotton gin. A railroad would pass right on the back of it,” said Parks Mayor, Kevin Kately.

That was back in the 1700’s, but how the village of Parks was developed is quite an interesting story

“They had a train come through and people came out to visit and they were asking, “what is this place called,” and they called it ‘La Pointe’,” said Mayor Kately.

Mayor Kately says it was after that point around the early 1900’s when “La Pointe” became what it is known as today, “Parks”.

Paul Melacon is credited for the development of the village.

“They kind of donated property which people built up. People just ended up coming to stay here,” said Mayor Kately.

“This was an area to come and enjoy yourself. They use to come by buggies,” said Parks resident, Wilbert Ledet Jr.

Mayor Kately says more and more people are choosing to relocate to the small village that’s comprised of about 800 to 1,000 people.

“Parks is a little ole quiet village,” said Mayor Kately. “Everybody knows everybody, everybody gets along, you seldom ever, ever have any trouble in Parks.”

Crime is pretty unheard of within the city limits of Parks, but the thing that keeps the village functioning, according to Mayor Kately, is the water department.

“We supply water throughout the surrounding areas, from the city limits of Breaux Bridge to the city limits of St. Martinville, all of Cypress Island almost to Henderson,” said Mayor Kately.

The small village may not have many tourist attractions to offer, but Mayor Kately says what people enjoy most is the peace and quiet.

“We are just a quiet community,” said Mayor Kately. “Alot of people like to move here, alot of people are moving towards this area.”

Many residents say over the years the history behind Parks is ever-changing, but one thing is for sure is that everyone says the area remains a tight-knit family oriented community.

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