Veggie Garden

Today on your Law & Garden we talking about the summer garden, because I telling you what you think this thing has been producing, check out we have here on the table in front of us. John you were saying some of these plants have been producing for a long time.

These like my peppers have been growing since last year. They made it through the winter, we didn’t have a winter so they did well. I picked potatoes out of here already. These potatoes are from one potato that I cut. We did it here on the air, I just planted them in one spot and dug them up yesterday. Reason why I wanted to get them out also, because of the bugs they bring. Potatoes beetles were getting into my potatoes. We have some good insecticides you want to use this sayonara will take of that, it will take care of your corn worms. This sayonara works great, one tablespoon per gallon of water, spread in your garden. The only thing that will get rid of the brown and green stink bugs, and they’re hard to kill this will do it. As a maintenance with diseases this is a natural product-liquid copper take will take care of a lot of your blots and things like that that’ll get on your tomatoes. So if you use that every 7-14 days you’ll keep it pretty clean. Also spraying this, same thing, every twice a month or so you’ll keep it clean. But everything in the garden is looking good, the cucumbers and everything. Don’t be afraid to prune, everybody doesn’t want to prune. They all have yellow leaves at the bottom, well those are the first leave that produce from the plant, you need to get rid of those. Anything touching the ground you want to get rid of that. That’s where your insects come up from, so get rid of that.

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