Northside High School students set out on a mission to save lives

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Saturday morning students from Northside High School set out on a mission to save lives.

Students from Northside High School traveled across Acadiana to local businesses to challenge teens and young adults to put their phones away while behind the wheel.

Vanye Adams is a student at Northside and said, “lets take the lead and say texting while driving or drinking while driving is not acceptable and it needs to change.”

Students at Northside High School are asking the Lafayette business community to help support them with this life-saving mission.

“Sending a text can kill the next,” said Adams, “It could kill anyone next.”

The challenge is part of the fatal vision M.E.T.H.O.D which stands for mind eyes two hands on driving.

The program was implemented at Northside High School earlier this year with a $15,000 grant from Shell Corporation.

“How do we impact the younger generation,” said SafeKids for Acadiana member Rene Guilbeau, “How do we teach them best behaviors so that they’ll become good drivers and safe drivers?”

Tyler Jolivette is a student at Northside high school and said putting up signs around the neighborhood is, “the perfect way to influence people our age because they don’t really listen to older people until its too late.”

Melissa Newell is the safety coordinator for the Acadiana Regional Transportation Safety Coalition and said, “This program simply wants teens and young adult drivers to concentrate on the only thing they should be doing while driving and that is, driving.”

The students traveled to several businesses around Acadiana to post their signs and spread awareness about the issue.

As they put their signs up throughout the community, they pulled aside residents to give them a brief education on how serious the issue is.

The students received numerous support from business owner and are looking forward to continue to promote their “Drive more, wreck less” message throughout the community.

If your business wants to accept Northside High School’s challenge contact Melissa Marie Newell with the Acadiana Regional Transportation Coalition at (337) 806-9367 or you can email her at

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