Dial Dalfred- Family warns others of Craigslist scam

Photo: KLFY

Online retailers discovered a goldmine when they gave shoppers the capability to make purchases from the comforts of home.

Customers could have items shipped right to their front door, or in this case… their driveway. But this story doesn’t have a happy ending.

Mary Charles and her son Lucas live together in Lafayette Parish.

Their only source of income is from disability.

Since the death of her husband two years ago, Mary Charles couldn’t pass up what seemed like a great deal on Craigslist.

Mary and Lucas currently drive a 1995 Toyota Tercel. Lucas says the car runs fine, they just needed something larger to carry his mother’s walker.

When Lucas came across a 2005 Jeep Cherokee with 77,000 miles for only $2,500 he thought it was his lucky day.

The seller claimed to be in the military and dropped the price to make an urgent sale because he was being deployed to Afghanistan. She even said the payment would be held in an Amazon account until he was able to inspect the vehicle.

“I went got the money and I sent it to her. They got the money and they said they were shipping it off and the next morning they said that I needed to send another thousand dollars to cover the insurance to ship it”

At this point, Lucas and his mother became suspicious and wanted a refund.

“I tried to email them to get the money back and they never responded”

And that was in September. As Lucas and News 10 read through every email and transaction, we noticed an unfamiliar email address for Amazon Payments.

After a quick search to track the address, we discovered a site warning users to beware of the same scam Lucas had fallen victim to.

Since then, Lucas says he has filed a report with the sheriff’s office and the FBI.

If there’s an ongoing issue in your neighborhood or community, or you simply need a question answered, Dial Dalfred at 262-0868.

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