Austin Rivault’s parents speak out after Seth Fontenot is released from jail

Photo: KLFY

This is a bittersweet day for the Rivault family, on Sunday, Seth Fontenot was released from jail following his manslaughter conviction in the shooting death of the Rivault’s son Austin.

Tonight, Austin’s class will graduate from St. Thomas More and the Rivaults will be there to honor his memory.

The Rivaults are also honoring Austin’s memory by supporting legislation to close what many feel is a glaring loophole in Louisiana’s criminal law code.

Under current law, judges can sentence defendants convicted of manslaughter to a maximum of forty years, or as little as no jail time at all.

“First and second degree, the minimum is the maximum, life in prison with no chance of parole. The next violent crime under second degree is manslaughter, and it’s zero to forty, which I find, is crazy.”

The bill, which would provide for a minimum three ear sentence is authored by Senator Page Cortez, and has already won senate approval and a House committee. The legislation currently is awaiting action on the House Floor.

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