LCG partners with Target Zero for “no kill” initiative

Photo: KLFY

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Lafayette Consolidated President Joel Robideaux pushes for the parish to decrease its rate of euthanization before building a “no kill” shelter for pets. Robideaux made the announcement while introducing the parish’s partnership with Target Zero on Tuesday.

Target Zero is nonprofit that provides consulting services and training support on achieving and maintaining a 90% live-release status. Patty Meehan is a member of the organization Friends of the Lafayette Animal Shelter. Meehan says LCG’s partnership with Target Zero to work toward a “no kill” status represents the parish’s continuous efforts to being progressive. “There are enough homes for all these animals.  It’s not necessary to kill all these animals,” says Meehan.

The Executive Director of Acadiana Animal Aid calculates some four to five thousand animals are euthanized every year in Lafayette Parish. “There are many resources and organizations that are willing to step up and help Lafayette in animal control and establishing the best practices; and national groups as well.  So, we are very excited for this movement,” says Dr. Carley Faughn.

Robideaux sees the partnership an opportunity to learn how to reach that 90 percent “no kill” status. He explains that the parish is long overdue. “We need to prove we’re making these changes and then we can visit about a new shelter which is just going to make it to where we are the envy of the rest of the country.”

The Program Director of Target Zero, Dr. Sara Pizano explains that an over 90 percent live outcome in shelters is obtainable. She figures 30% to 40% of people who surrender pets to shelters really don’t want to. “They just need some temporary assistance that’s a part of it.  Low income subsidized spay-neuter programs are also a significant way to decrease intake and then of course open adoptions – getting animals out and adopted as soon as possible; if we cannot find their owners,” adds Dr. Pizano.
Robideaux notes that the partnership with target zero is a partnership of up to three years. It includes assisting with identifying funding sources, training staff and monthly progress reports. Robideaux plans to establish a live-outcome team in an effort to reduce the number of animals that are put down in the shelter.  Plus, begin seeking national grants to help fund a diversion program for sheltered outside cats to be spayed, neutered vaccinated and ear tipped.

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