Patients and staff members at Lafayette General surprised by Drew Brees’ visit

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)– Tuesday, May 17, 2016, Football superstar Drew Brees stopped by Lafayette General to say hello to some of Acadiana’s little miracles.

With a big smile, the NFL superstar went from baby to baby.

During his tour, Brees complimented the hospital on their new NIC-view cameras and experience the power of the equipment first hand.

The Director of Communications Daryle Cetnar says Brees has a strong connection to NICU and the cameras.

“He has a strong connection to a NICU and these cameras. He purchased them for Oschsnar in New Orleans and he stated that some of his teammates have had children in New Orleans and they had children in the NICU and they used the cameras.”

Cetnar tells KLFY that Lafayette General is following in Oshsner’s footsteps.

“Lafayette General has 31 NICU beds and we have 31 NIC-view cameras so no matter what our capacity is we have one for each baby.”

Erin and Bobby Joseph have been in the NICU with their triplets since April 21. Unfortunately, they haven’t been able to take the boys home yet, but Joseph says thanks to the new camera system, being away from their children isn’t so bad.

“It’s such a blessing to log in every morning and every night and be able to look at babies and make sure they are ok.”

NCIU nurse Sandra Rivas says having this equipment is comforting for parents.

“Just a little picture, especially to a mother being separated from their baby does wonders.”

Rivas tells News 10, Brees brightened up the NICU. She says it’s nice to see tired, worried parents feeling hope.

“To have him come to you and say ‘hey how’s it going,’ how we are doing today, it gives them strength.”

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