Today on lawn and garden we’re talking about sprayers and what kinds? All kinds! What’s good and what’s good for you John gives us a idea.

Most people are using them for weed killer right now but you can use it for fungicides, insecticides. This week we have this one gallon sprayer, it’s not a real expensive sprayer but we’re selling them for costs right now. $7.99 it’s a one gallon sprayer, it works great. It’ll last you 2-3 years.

We’re also giving away a free packet of this round up dry pack. It works a little different than just round up. This has two chemicals in it. Works much quicker. So we give one pack away when you come in it’ll be all this week till Friday. You’ll love the product it works great.

Also we have other sprayers. You can put any chemical you want in here, if you want to spray an insecticide, fungicide and there’s a dial, you put you chemical in here. You set your dial. 1 tablespoon-2 tablespoons and go and spray so you can spray flea poisons anything like that very quickly or even weedkillers in the lawn.

This is a nice sprayer right here its battery operated 9 gallons you can put it behind your riding lawn mower and hook it up to the battery of the lawn mower. Works great.

And for people that want a better sprayer I have this one right here this is the best one we have it’s a Chapin, it’s a premium we have all the parts on them just a great product. Also I want to recommend anybody spraying anything weedkiller, insecticides whatever just a plain horticultural oil you mix it with whatever you’re spraying and it makes it stick to the leaves better and you’re using actually less chemical you just wipe it once instead of flooding an area so it works good and it’s a safe product.

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