$700K in loose change left at airport checkpoints; New Orleans International $12,651.46


The TSA makes a nice chunk of change from loose change that passengers have left behind after going through screening at airports.

The security agency, which has been taking a lot of criticism in recent news because of extremely long waits in line, gathered up $765,759.15 in nickels, dimes and quarters that customers had to empty out of their pockets to pass through the metal-screening checkpoints.

What do they do with it?

According to a report to Congress, they directed it to “critical aviation security programs,” which in 2016 means it’ll go to TSA Pre-check expansion.

That’s the program that allows you to pay a nonrefundable $85 fee that will enable you to avoid the lines, provided you go through a screening process that includes being fingerprinted and proving your identity by showing documents like a valid passport, driver’s license or birth certificate.

Unfortunately, depending on where you live, you might have to take a day trip to find a participating airport, and the waits at application centers have been really long, too.

Here’s a list of airports and how much they collected in fiscal year 2015:

Hartsfield Atlanta International – $9,693.81

Hartford, Bradley International – $2,904.88

Birmingham International – $1,553

Boston, Logan International – $19,733.50

Nashville International – $9,364.10

Baton Rouge Metropolitan – $176.20

Baltimore, Washington International – $12,845.00

Columbia – $216.00

Charleston International – $3,136.28

Cleveland, Hopkins international – $6,738. 45

Charlotte Douglas International – $5,079.37

Cincinnati/Northern KY International – $4,514.16

Dallas/Ft. Worth International – $30,420.36

Honolulu International – $7,492.78

Indianapolis International – $7,047.27

Jackson Evers International – $904.32

Kona Hawaii – $1,721.35

Lubbock International – $1,347

Kansas City International – $7,357.58

Memphis International – $2,242.40

Mobile Regional – $46.42

New Orleans International $12,651.46

Kuhlului – $2,345.96

Will Rogers World – $1,406.74

Portland International – $6,569.21

Phoenix Sky Harbor – $10, 819.40

Raleigh-Durham International – $4069.85

Richmond International – $4879.58

Savannah International – $1,951.50

Louisville International – $347.67

Lambert St. Louis – $5,118.03

Tulsa International – $1,914.71

Tucson International – $534.68

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