LSU School of Veterinary Medicine researchers seeking dogs for clinical trial

Researchers received $235,000 to support research that treats dogs with elbow osteoarthritis as part of a multi-center clinical trial

Photo: LSU

BATON ROUGE, La. — Osteoarthritis is a common disease that causes chronic pain and ambulatory difficulty in humans, dogs, and other animals.

Commonly used nonsteroidal and steroid pharmacologic agents can reduce osteoarthritis pain, but extended use may damage other organs such as the liver and kidneys without retarding the progression of the disease.

The concept behind this new type of treatment is that an intra-articular injection of 117m Sn colloid would localize the treatment to the joint, which would prevent injury to other organs in the body. Since this agent is designed to act on the cellular inflammatory mediators present in the joint, deleterious effects on the joint cartilage and other supporting structures could also be avoided.

Requirements for dogs entering the study include:

  • Dogs must be at least 1 year of age
  • Dogs must weigh at least 30lbs
  • Dogs must not have any comorbid condition likely to preclude a one-year survival after treatment
  • Dogs must have documentable lameness locatable to one or both elbows
    • Swollen elbow with evidence of lameness and pain on manipulation; or
    • Radiographic evidence of grade one or two arthritis in the elbow. None in shoulder or carpus; or
      • Positive response to regional or intra-articular block of elbow


For the complete list the requirements for dogs participating in the study, visit

To find out more about the study and for screening your dog for suitability for enrollment in the clinical trial, contact Whitney Soma at

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