Summer Work Program seeks more employers to hire students


LAFAYETTE PARISH, La. (KLFY) – Louisiana Rehabilitation Services received funding to help students with a documented disability find summer work. Acadiana Works, Inc. will serve as the vendor implementing the program.

Kathy and Don Dorsey own Louisiana Praline Factory and Specialty Products.

Kathy Dorsey tells News 10 it’s a family business. “My family has been in the industry all their lives. This is what I know. It’s a passion,” explains Dorsey.

This summer the Dorsey’s will share their passion with students who they hired through Acadiana Works. “I think they can learn a lot and see that you can go into an industry and be productive and be an entrepreneur. That it’s an obtainable site; an obtainable item. They actually touch, feel, know, work-in and participate.”

Supported Employment Specialist, Sherry Frye says Acadiana Works will pay students $8 per hour and cover Workman’s Compensation.

More importantly though the students will learn something.

“I love the community and I love supporting schools and family. I feel it gives an opportunity to students to learn about work ethics.  Don is a good trainer at that.  He comes from that background. I think they can learn a lot and see that you can go into an industry and be productive and be an entrepreneur,” says Kathy Dorsey.

Dorsey notes that Louisiana Praline Factory Products are distributed in several stores including Super 1 Foods and soon it will be available at Rouses Market.

Dorsey hopes her business accomplishments make a positive impression.

“I feel good about the fact that if I was at all any spark or anything to them that they learned through us and they went that direction and was successful or even not.  A lot of times you do things and you fail but through failure comes success. You just have to have the perseverance and dedication to stick with it,” says Dorsey.

For more information contact Acadiana Works at (337) 948-1377.

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