5-year-old LaPlace girl dies after shooting herself with father’s gun

A 5-year-old girl died after she accidentally shot herself with her father’s gun while he was in the shower, apparently getting ready for an outing with his children.

Investigators say Haley Moore got a hold of her dad’s gun, which had been left unsecured on a table.

Joy Ursin, a neighbor of the family said she considered that fact unusual, because, she said the father, a military veteran, was known to be conscious of gun safety.

“He would tell them about the dangers and he had this thing about safety,” she said. “He did not want them to be ignorant of the fact that they can harm you.”

Ursin said Haley Moore was spunky, and full of life. “She loved to have fun.” Ursin said another sibling told her that the family was planning to go see a movie Saturday.

Officers who responded to the scene said things always take on an urgency when a child is involved.

“The first thing that goes through your mind is that it’s a child and you want to do everything you can to help that child get through this ordeal,” said Lt. Greg Baker with the St. John the Baptist Sheriff’s Office.

But after being rushed to the hospital, Moore died.

“That’s a tragedy, there’s no other way to put anything like that” said neighbor John Tracy.


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