Rising gas prices a mixed bag for Acadiana drivers

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) -With the price of crude oil on the rise so is the price you’re paying at the pump.

Gas prices have been on the rise, which is good for the oil industry but not necessarily good for consumers filling up their tank.

“It’s a double edge sword,” said Barret Betucci, “I’m filling up an SUV right now so one part of me doesn’t mind paying less at the pump.”

“However,” said the landman, “When I see the prices go up I’m hopeful that means that the industry will go up as well.”

Bertucci has worked in the oil industry for nearly ten years.

“It’s peace of mind, that I’ll have a job, said Bertucci, “When I see prices of oil, I think its like around $48 a barrel, from $20 a barrel in February, you see it go up and you’re like oh God hopefully it stays that way .”

But not all customers feel the same.

“Well, I drive 800 miles a week and I like it better when it’s down,” said Hub Fisher, “As high as these gas prices are, it’s just hard to make it.”

Higher prices do mean more jobs in the oil industry but it also means an extra dollar out of your pocket.

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