Lafayette Bicycle Festival

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Saturday, Lafayette Consolidated Government, in partnership with Bike Lafayette and Broussard & David, hosted the first bicycle safety festival was held to help cyclist and motorists become more knowledgeable about bicycle safety.

Bicyclist of all ages gathered at par sans souci for a free safety lesson and helmet fitting.

The festival was intended to help cyclists and motorists become more knowledgeable about safety and the rules of the road.

“This current generation is demanding bike access,” said Partner at Broussard & David, Blake David, “They want to be able to bike to work and bike to a restaurant and bike to the grocery store and our city’s meeting that by expanding our bike lanes and inviting people to do that but there seems to be an information gap.”

The information gap is what the festival is trying to fix.

“What better way than to educate the public and educate everyone around the necessities of having proper bicycle wear, a proper helmet,” said participant Khadijah Rashad, “Anything that you could think of when it comes down to bike riding they had it here.”

Free adult and youth certified bicycle helmets were given away to the first 300 participants.

“You want make sure you get a good fit,” said volunteer Caitlin Sonnier, “look for one that’s adjustable. You want to make sure that it comes down and covers your forehead to where if you look up you can see it so your forehead is protected incase of a fall.”

Residents said they’re appreciative of the safety tips and hope to continue to see events like this.

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