Family and friends dedicate plaque in memory of Mayci Breaux

FRANKLIN, La. (KLFY) –  Next month will mark one year since two people were killed and nine others injured in the shooting at The Grand Theater on Johnston Street. On Monday, the family of Mayci Breaux gathered in Franklin for a dedication ceremony. Breaux was one of two women shot and killed in the shooting before the shooter turned the gun on himself.

In Franklin City Park, a gathering of about 100 people nestled together among a group of Oak Trees. There were words of prayer and tribute. “Eternal rest granted to Mayci oh Lord and let perpetual light shine upon her.  May she rest in peace.  Amen,” read the priest who provided prayer.

Franklin Mayor Raymond Harris, Jr. spoke of unity and how the loss of one life affects many. “When tragedy strikes we come together.  We don’t turn on each other.  We turn to each other.”

On Monday, the community joined together again to dedicate a living memorial – a plaque and an oak tree – a symbol of strength and protection. Family member Jessie Breaux explained the plaque and tree were purchased with the help of generous supporters. “Somethings you can I guess get over, but you never forget. You can never forget this young lady,” added Breaux.

“I can’t stop my tears from flowing just because they make you uncomfortable.  My heart is not suddenly mended just because you believe I grieved long enough,” read family friend Scotty Tibbs.

Mayci’s mother and father still gripped by heartache said thank you. “For everything you all done it has truly touched our family. We appreciate it and thank you,” said Mayci’s father Kevin Breaux.


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