Lafayette woman honored with Jefferson Award in Washington D.C.

Photo: KLFY

LAFAYETTE (KLFY) – The Jefferson Awards honored one local Lafayette woman for her public service.

Shannon Ozene is the woman behind the Teddy Daigle and Shane Ozene Act. The act requires public high schools to have an AED defibrillator on site.

The state bill passed in the legislature about a month ago.

Ozene was honored at the 2016 Jefferson Awards in Washington D.C. According to the website, the awards “To power others to have maximum impact on the things they care about most.”

Ozene’s son Shane passed away in 2011 after collapsing from an undetected heart condition as he was playing basketball. She says she continues her work in memory of him.

“There was a defibrillator in an office but the office was locked…If there was an AED accessible when Shane passed away, it’s possible he could have been saved so that’s why I’m doing this,” said Ozene.

Ozene is the founder of the Shane Ozene Foundation.

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