Lafayette Parish Sheriff-elect discusses future plans

LAFAYETTE, La (KLFY) – It’s out with the old and in with the new for the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office as sheriff-elect, Mark Garber, gets ready to take office next month, which will bring about some changes.

“Without hiring a single additional deputy, we’re putting 34 more bodies on patrol on day one,” said Garber.

An increase in deputy presence on the streets is just one of many changes that’s ahead for the sheriff’s department.

“That is accomplished by a re-organization of different units within the department to more effectively use our manpower,” said Garber.

Manpower that Garber says will be better prepared for all emergency situations.

“We’re going to be more ready than we’ve ever been before to respond to an active shooter, to respond to a natural disaster, or any of the policing needs that this community might need,” said Garber.

Along with that change, Garber says current units will undergo restriping and deputies’ uniforms will also be getting a new look.

Garber, who has a track record of more than 20 years in law enforcement, says these changes will gradually be made.

“I don’t want to over stress our already stressed budget,” said Garber, but he says what residents can expect off the top is a refocus on the fundamentals of law enforcement.

“Patrol, crime scene, investigations, and corrections,” said Garber.

Garber says a renewed focus on those fundamentals will result in a safer parish for everyone. His chosen spokesperson, John Mowell, says they will do what they can to ensure resident’s safety.

“We’re very approachable,” said Mowell. “If they need something from the sheriff’s office they’re always welcome to come up and talk to us.”

Garber will take office on July 1.

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