Today on your lawn & garden we’re checking out the garden, how to keep it in tip top shape of course some say that the grass is growing too fast, others saying that it’s not growing very well or it’s not very green John says I have some solutions for you.

I sure do, we have an organic product here called Milorganite and you can’t burn with it which is nice right now when it’s getting to be 90 degrees, 95 degrees it can get real hot and you can burn your lawn with some fertilizers if you’re not careful. This one right here you don’t have to water it in, just put it out and if you water it will activate quicker and it’ll start working. What’s good about this it doesn’t produce growth so if you want to green up your lawn it has a lot of iron in it this is the product right here it works great. Now for people who need a jump start in the lawn if you want to perk it up, green it up real quick you can go with straight nitrogen what I recommend is 10 pounds per 5000 square feet that 100 x 50, that’s not much but you’re putting enough just to make it green don’t want to make it out like you’re bailing hay out there so you have to be careful with it. About 10 pounds per 5000 square feet. Also at this time of the year we’ve been having all the rain and all that we have a bunch of ants and different insects the lawn, this product Talstar works great it’s in a sand form you put it out in your lawn it will last you 4 months. It’s safe because its in a sand so when you put it out it drops to the bottom, the golf courses love it.

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